Mergen Co. & Amerta App

Gamer Producer Company

Design By Ahmad Alizadeh

Mergen Company is a Mobile Game Producer and They Making Their First Game as name as AMERTA(Trivia Mobile Game).

Mergen Company Based in Istanbul-Turkiye.

Mergen is a Turkish deity of abundance and wisdom. Mergen is often depicted with a bow and arrow in one hand.

He is associated with profundity and depicted as a strong and powerful god. Mergen lives on the seventh floor of the sky. He was portrayed as a young man with a helmet and a bow riding on a white horse. Mergen symbolizes intelligence and thought.

I Designed Mergen Mascot and Amerta Style Guide and I was Art Director for this project. after lots of meetings and Brain Storming, My friend Saeed Jalabi Painted Mergen Character with all assets and I Designed the Ui & UX of this Game.